Give Back


We at the Exodus Group believe that everything God gives us is a gift to be used for the benefit of others.  All of our possessions, money, knowledge, strength – it was all given to us for the benefit of others.  In that spirit, we donate a portion of every transaction to a charity of your choice!  If you don’t have a favorite charity, here are a couple of organizations that we give to regularly.

Project R-12

Project R12 works in Uganda with local leaders to build top tier schools, provide access to clean water, create vocational opportunities for women, and create homes for at-risk children. This initiative has continued to grow and is now recognized by the Uganda government as one of the top schools in the country.

People Loving Nashville

One of the most genuine and heartfelt organizations we have had the pleasure to serve. They have been serving weekly, without fail, over the past 12 years to meet some of the basic needs of the poor, such as providing warm meals, distributing clothing and handing out hygiene products.

Our Mission for Buyers and Sellers

We are committed to providing an unparalleled home buying and selling experience through attention to detail and sincerely caring for everyone we work with. We come from a place of peace and abundance, so our only objective is to minister and truly serve people by getting them into the right home for them and their family to create community.  Buying and selling homes just happens to be part of how we do it. 

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